HTML5 Audio:Beware of the Raptors

Perhaps you're interested in learning to use HTML5 Audio? You've come to the right place, but be careful of the raptors.

Get started

Hint 1

Use the element inspector to find what's making noise. You're looking for something to do with audio.

You can use your Firefox, Chrome, or other browser's developer tools to see how the JavaScript works too. This could provide you with some big hints. Go to the Network tab and refresh to look for the name of the JavaScript file.

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Hint 2

The HTML element you need uses the <audio> tag.

Find out more about it at the MDN documentation for the Embed Audio element.

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Hint 3

In the JavaScript, you're looking for the method which plays the audio, so check for

Find out more about the play method at the MDN documentation for the HTML Media Element in JavaScript.

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A solution

All we need from our HTML is an audio file we can grab.

<audio src="./raptor-call.wav"></audio>

The usual rules apply for relative paths. In this case, we're looking for a file called raptor-call.wav in the same folder as our HTML file. If it exists, we can play it.

The real magic happens here:

const raptorAudio = document.querySelector('audio')

We're able to select the audio element, then play it. We can control when the sound plays by running the play() command on whichever event we like.

The full JavaScript code for this page is as follows:

We have a few things happening here, such as the timeouts to line up the sound with the appearance of the velociraptors, and the further timeouts to remove them.

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