This index is simple; I've spent a lot more time on the resources below.

HTML Canvas


The guide through this arcade classic starts with a static Pong Example with HTML5 Canvas, following from which there are increasingly advanced stages of a pong game, all the way to a playable Pong game.


Dive into Time in JavaScript with this one-page introduction which looks at setTimeout, setInterval, and building stopwatches.

Special Effects

The Loki "pruning" game based on the Marvel Studios TV series looks in depth at how complex visual effects can be created in steps.

HTML Audio

Learning HTML5 Audio with Velociraptors

An introduction to the HTML5 audio element, featuring a memorable dinosaur sound.

Learning how to create HTML5 Audio controls

A more advanced guide to HTML5, looking at how to use the default controls and provide custom functionality.

HTML Basics

Intro to Code

Resources for the IronHack WeCode day.

Semantic and Non-Semantic HTML

Two pages which look identical, but one is using semantic HTML and the other using non-semantic HTML


Starting with React

React is a frontend framework which speeds up the rate of development for web applications with repeated components.

Deploying your React project to Netlify

When deploying a project with React JS, you need a step to build a production-ready version of your project. Netlify handles this step automatically, making it a great way to host your React projects.

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