Software Engineer

At the age of 12, Robin built a website for a fake airline with a friend at school. That friend is now a pilot; Robin stuck to the cooler aspect and develops websites for a living. Since 2014, he's worked with companies in London and in Paris to build the right thing in the right way.

For the best version of Robin's CV, see his StackOverflow developer story.

To see examples of Robin's work, visit Github.

Favourite technologies

  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • Rust
  • Git



Since high school, Robin has been tutoring and teaching, with experience in one-on-one coaching for A-Levels. More recently leading adult learning classes for software development with General Assembly in London, and Ironhack in Paris.

Software engineering textbook

Robin's resources for learning software engineering are available in the RJK textbook.

Huge nerd

Robin's nerdistry is far-reaching, ranging from his love of mathematics, right through to his overthinking on whether it's normal to write these kinds of paragraphs in third person.

I'm also keen on cinema, learning languages, and I play chess.

I also – very occasionally – write on Medium.

For finding cinema showtimes in Paris, I created Ciaocine. There, you can search cinema showtimes in Paris by date, time, and location.